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Sweet Sounz is the fastest growing music movement in the Pacific!

In the Summer of 2014, a dream hatched over a few flat whites and drawn up over a beer mat by two good mates, turned into a single audio stream. It is now evolved into a weekly syndicated radio show, smartphone app, live music experience and lifestyle brand.

Sweet Sounz - Awa



AWA is one of New Zealand’s most accomplished singer/songwriters. He was the former front man for Polynesian super group Nesian Mystik (Most Top 10 songs in New Zealand history) and enjoys a successful solo career in Aotearoa, Hawaii and Japan.

An award winning broadcaster, AWA presented NZ On Air’s flagship syndicated radio show “Te Puutake” for 10 years. He now uses his industry experience to assist his Iwi/tribal radio station “Moana FM/AM” in Tauranga (NZ) as their Business Manager.

AWA also holds a Masters Of Business from the Auckland University Of Technology and is completing a Bachelor Of Arts from Victoria University (Wellington) in Te Reo Māori.

“Live Experience”

We love mobilizing good people together with soulful music! We are experts in designing and managing live music events. Our approach is holistic, ensuring an authentic, memorable and positive experience.
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